Handmade 100% sustainably sourced soy hard wax tablet scented with luxurious essential oils & decorated with botanicals.


Cut a peace of the tablet and place it into your oil burner but also,

it make a beautiful decorations to hang around the house or placed into drawers to scent their contents.


The tablets gives you moments of pure aromatherapy as you walk around your home.


Morning Vibe Melt  makes the perfect treat to you or to a friend.

What better way to naturally scent your home?!



Your fresh wax tablet will last up to a year in room temperature however if placed on a radiator on in direct sunlight, the scents will diffuse much faster or it could melt.


Morning Vibe Melt: Coffee, Cinnamon, Orange


tablet weight 50gr

Hand Poured in Edinburgh | Vegan | Organic

Morning Vibe Melt

  • We use Soy Wax only as It is non-hazardous to both humans & wildlife and does not create toxins when burned.

    Keep out of reach of small children & pets to prevent the risk of ingestion.


  • For best results, hang your wax tablets in a small space inside your home where they will have the most impact – a wardrobe or closet is ideal or break it  in half and place it in you oil burner to release the wonderful scent and enjoy the cozy ambient.