the story of our ESSENCE


The Edinburgh Essence was founded September 2019 by MariaTeresa & Fabrizio.

From a young age, we were very fortunate to have grown up surrounded by amazing, fresh, local products. In Naples, our hometown.

We have moved to London late 2009 and after years of hospitality experiences, mixologist studies and an incredible passion, in 2016 we moved to Edinburgh to fulfilled our dream: Old Poison Distillery,  located in the Biscuit Factory at the heart of Edinburgh.

When we start distilling and mixing all the herbs, fruits and spices for our Selki our neighbours at the biscuit factory step onto the second floor, they always assumed we had scented candles burning. This is when The Edinburgh Essence was born. 

Our mission is to create something that not only smells good, but does good for your mind, mood and soul.

Our sense of smell is connected to the olfactory, this is what triggers your memory, makes you relaxed, relief anxiety, gives you energy or just set your mood.


Natures fruits, herbs and spices hold healing qualities through infusion, diffusion and spray.