A story of ESSENCE


The Edinburgh Essence is founded my wife (Maria Teresa) and me (Fabrizio).

From a young age, we were very fortunate to have grown up surrounded by amazing products with incredible tastes & smells.

This led us to our first project & our baby, Old Poison, which is our distillery. Old Poison is located in the Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh, on Anderson Place. 

We have now started this second project within the distillery and we’re the inspiration came from for Edinburgh Essence. 

When we start distilling and mixing all the herbs, fruits and spices for our Gin. The smells are unbelievable and so wonderful. When our neighbours who work in the biscuit factory step onto the second floor, they always assumed we had scented candles burning..and bingo, Edinburgh Essence was born. 

Our mission is to create something that not only smells fantastic, but something that is good for your mind, mood and soul. Your sense of smell is connected to your olfactory, this is what triggers your memory and gives you nostalgic feelings when you smell something. 

Natures fruits, herbs and spices hold healing qualities through infusion and smell, we want to bring that and great memories back to the people. 




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